Diffiety School is an idea

Ideas do not have any birthday. A good idea never dies.
Simple ideas may fit into anybody's brain and be realized by a single person. A complex idea needs several brilliant minds to be hosted properly and people of good will to be put forward.
Poor ideas are easily shared. A rich idea demands deep efforts to be communicated from one person to another.

Herewith a virtual shelter is offered to this idea. This website is the reunion point for all the human and material resources cooperating in keeping alive and breeding this idea.

As a 0-th order approximation it might be said that:

"The idea of Diffiety School is to continuously produce experts in a new area of Mathematics called Diffeotopy, who can cooperate in overcoming the long-resisting difficulties aroused by the crisis of the traditional approaches in facing problems linked with non-linear PDEs and the precise mathematical description of quantum phenomena."

Subsequent higher-order comprehension of this idea takes much more time and effort. And it can go in different directions, depending on people's attitudes, interests and capabilities. There are several ways and different levels for becoming an active part of Diffiety School: