St. Petersburg State University Program

Recently, at St. Petersburg State University, a new scientific and educational project has been sketched, supported by many outstanding members of the Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics, by prof. A, Vinogradov, and other professors from across the Europe. On 1st of September a new undergraduate course will start at St. Petersburg State University, aimed at teaching mathematics on new innovative basis, which will make students able to understand and develop the methods of the geometrical theory of nonlinear PDEs and the cohomological techniques needed for it. Such modern tools will help young researchers in their work in Pure Mathematics as well as Theoretical Physics.
The long-term purpose of such a project is to draw students to St. Petersburg from every part of the world, and also to spread such a new method of teaching mathematics. To this end, we have planned an education section inside of the Diffiety School. We will discuss programs and methods of teaching, as well as the possibility of sign agreements between St Petersburg's and your University. Our aim is to give you some hints about how to make your most brilliant students able to understand the basics of Diffiety Theory, participate to next editions of the School, and - why not - spend one or more semester at St. Petersburg.